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I'm Nathan Minns

Improv did not come easily to me. It took me 7 auditions before I got into my first improv group.

After 7 auditions & countless classes, I realized improv is learnable and enhanced my work skills.

I watched myself become more creative and confident while becoming a better communicator, entrepreneur, and team member.

Those changes, backed by research, inspired me to quit my corporate innovation job and use improv full-time to help groups embrace new ideas, experiences, and connections.

"Within 5 minutes, Nathan had the entire audience engaging with each other, laughing, and working together"

- Eleanor Kamke, MBA

Supercharge Communication

Improv isn’t just for comedy, it’s the skill of unscripted conversation. We use improv techniques to elevate active listening and foster confident communication.

Catalyze Collaboration

Improvisers work harmoniously without any props or scripts, relying solely on each other. This philosophy can turn your group into a cohesive, trust-filled team.

Become Adaptable

Becoming flexible, embracing change, and reacting in high-stress situations are crucial. Through improv, we teach your team to be nimble, intuitive decision-makers in an opt-in environment.

"My Group Needs Help!"​

Poor Collaboration

They might be hesitant to share ideas or may not know each other well yet.

Difficulty with Change

They might struggles with differing views or making key decisions.

Ineffective Communication​

They might be poor listeners or struggle when put on-the-spot.

...but you need something engaging, fun, & educational.

The Answer: Improv Principles

"Yes, And..."

Cultivate a positive, open-minded, "can-do" attitude while being present.

“Team Over Self”

Improv is a team sport. We emphasize teamwork & reciprocal support.

"Communicate Confidently"

All non-scripted communication is improv. Practice deliberately.

"Failure is Feedback"

Embrace a growth mindset, take calculated risks, & overcome obstacles.

See the types of exercises we facilitate and...

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Embrace new ideas, experiences, & connections

Through the principles of improv comedy