Improv-Based, Team Building Workshops

Whether it’s students starting the school year, companies planning an off-site, or a team with low social connectedness, we are here to connect your group.

We offer engaging, educational, & fun Workshops, trainings, and keynotes for students & teams.

"This is the most engaged I've seen my students since we started working together 4 years ago"

High School Program Administrator, on Green Light Improv workshops

Connect Through Improv

Based on the principles of Improv Comedy, Green Light Improv team building workshops gets participants moving while bringing out their creativity in an opt-in environment.
We designed team-building exercises for participants to learn new things about each other, grow in their relationships, and carry those new bonds from the workshop into their classroom, workplace, and life.

Foundational Improv Principles

"Yes, and..."

Being present in the moment and using your own perspective to create win-wins for the team, under the premise that there are no mistakes in front of the audience. Every "mistake" is a gift.

"Trust your gut"

Understand the unique gifts you bring to the table and use your individual perspective to honor and advance the group agenda.

"Active Listening"

Paying attention to words and actions while using an empathetic approach to ingesting and processing information.

“Support the team at all costs”

Celebrating the things that make us human, developing a growth mindset, creating reciprocal support by collaborating, and making each other look amazing.

Team Building +

All workshops center around making your team or student group stronger.
Your program can also have a customized secondary focus.
Here are our most common secondary focuses.


All non-scripted communication is improv. We facilitate exercises that allow participants to isolate, practice, and improve different communication skills.


We facilitate exercises that encourage participants to think outside the box, examine how they can impact the world around them, and be more comfortable with change.


Confidence is a learnable skill. We help participants discover their confidence and learn to speak so others listen.

Mental Health

Without our health, everything else feels unimportant. We facilitate exercises that encourage awareness of ourselves and the group, giving consideration towards stretching ourselves as far as we can while understanding we all differ in our comfort zones.

Have something you want not listed here?
All of our programs are customized to the client’s particular needs.

Wait...what? FAQ

Improvisation, or improv, is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters, and dialogue are made up in the moment.

For our purposes, improv is anytime you don’t have a script, whether that be in an interview, in a meeting, or on a first date.

Improv helps us overcome individual obstacles by encouraging spontaneity and free expression.

You do NOT have to be funny!

In fact, common advice for performers of comedic improv is to NOT try to be funny, and to instead focus on the relationship between the two people in the scene. 

Workshops are typically 2-4 hours long. Depending on your needs, we may also have repeating sessions. If you would like a keynote, we can also hold a 1 hour experience.

With longer workshops, we can go deeper into our subject matter and make a larger impact through experiential learning. We have more time for more lessons and more activities. 

Usually, clients start with a 2 hour workshop, although this depends largely on client needs.

Yes! All of our programs are customized to each client, and we can accommodate multiple goals and learning objectives with our workshops.

All workshops are designed to get participants moving while bringing them together in an opt-in environment.

Participants will feel more confident in taking their seat at the table and will be able to think in a more open-minded way.

Participants will feel closer to one another and will be able to devote themselves fully to active listening instead of planning what to say next.

“Improvisational training has the potential to enhance spontaneity, innovation, inventiveness…creativity, group collaboration, and promote greater self-confidence”
Journal of Marketing Education, 2019

There is more research where that came from! Contact us to see more!

“This was a great, low-stress experience that strengthened my listening and creative skills by playing games instead of the traditional lecture formats. We learned more about each other and that made us more comfortable and friendly.”

- Paul, college student

“Nathan’s workshop was great for my group of undergraduate students. The workshop taught them great communication skills, but more importantly, allowed them to think about why we interact with others the way that we do. They learned that our actions and language influence the way that we respond to others, and the way they respond to us. They also had a great time!

- Kaitlin Flintroy
Former Program Coordinator at the Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship at Ohio State University

I realized in your workshop that all ideas are important and deserve to be listened to. Our communication style can either lift someone up or put them down. We may not always agree with others, but they deserve our respect and consideration.”

- High School Student

“Working with Green Light Improv was a win win and a yes and! GLI provided our diverse high school students an opportunity to move, engage and think waaaay outside the box. Green Light worked closely with us to prepare and align their expertise with our program goals and fluidly integrated our learning outcomes! Their unique and engaging experience elevated our program, helped our high school students craft innovative thinking and explore relationships with others to grow their own thinking. We laughed and had fun getting out of our comfort zones! I look forward to having them back again next year!”

- Andrea Summers
Former Program Manager for the Central Ohio Leadership Academy

“Green Light Improv provided us with a very unique opportunity to develop and harness a wide range of our communication skills in 90 minutes. Their facilitators make it a great place to learn, think, and enjoy doing something new! At D3 we wanted to give our members and all students at OSU a hands-on, interactive experience that helps with learning about your verbal presentation skills. Green Light Improv tailored the workshop exactly to our needs. From teamwork to listening skills, Green Light Improv can give you a completely new perspective on skills that are commonly overlooked.

- Tsubasa Konishi
Former President of D3 Startup Club

“This activity was really enjoyable, and surprisingly so. When I first heard improv, I got really nervous, but the program was warm and not overwhelming. Thanks!”

- High School student
“I started to familiarize myself with new ways to introduce and talk to people I’ve never talked before. It helped me build confidence around new situations with new people as well.”
- Katherine Schiereck, former college student
“Don’t be afraid of looking or sounding awkward when presenting to a large group and understand that while others may not envision the same end goal as you, everyone’s unique contributions can lead to something greater.
- Nic, College student

“Nathan handled the whole process like a pro. He worked incredibly hard to make sure he had a deep understanding of the event and it showed in his confident and seamless performance through the weekend.”

- Will Turon, Former Director of LaunchpadOSU

“Working with Nathan was absolutely great! Incredibly professional, prepared, and flexible throughout the entire event. His experience in entrepreneurship provided a ton of value to the event and participants.”

- College Program Administrator

“Nathan is very organized and delivers speech in an efficient, yet engaging way. His radiant enthusiasm alone demonstrates his strong work ethic, let alone his passion in the craft of public speaking.”

- Peter Kobs, College Program Administrator

“Nathan was very energetic and spoke in a very casual way while remaining professional. He was very prepared, made it personal, and made the audience feel comfortable.”

- Anonymous

“Nathan brought an energy to our event that was palpable. We would not have had the success we did without Nathan’s ability to garner excitement among our participants.”

- Alex Davessar, College Program Administrator

Our Awesome Clients

I'm Nathan, founder of Green Light Improv.

I’m an actor & 3X entrepreneur, based in Columbus Ohio. I love creating new ventures & helping people see value in different ideas. 

I’ve been acting professionally since 2015, and since then, I’ve seen a dramatic change in myself. I’m a more open and confident communicator. I’m a better listener and entrepreneur. I’ve developed more of a growth mindset and more. So can you.

Our exercises were created to give you the day-to-day benefit of years of performance, in a condensed and captivating program.

Let's connect your students & team

Through current events, stress, anxiety, and chronic absenteeism have been high.
Connection has been low.

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