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Improv Comedy as a Tool for Innovators

Developing entrepreneurship & communication skills.

Improv Comedy as a Tool for Innovators

University student programs & corporate teams turn to us to develop their group’s entrepreneurship & communication skills.

We don’t teach improv comedy, we use improv as a tool for change.

"This is the most engaged I've seen my students since we started working together 4 years ago"

Program Administrator, on Green Light Improv workshops

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Learn Through Improv

Unlock your creativity and improve your entrepreneurship and communication skills with Green Light Improv workshops, keynotes, and coaching.

Our approach, based on the principles of improv comedy, creates an opt-in environment that encourages participation and growth.

Foundational Improv Principles

"Yes, and..."

Improvisers are present in the moment and use their own perspective to create win-wins for the team. "Yes, and..." is a mindset to increase positivity and develop a "can-do" attitude. "Yes, and..." is also a framework we can use to make more informed decisions.

“Team Over Self”

Improv is a team sport, and improv groups win as a team. We work together to create something we individually could not create. We create reciprocal support by collaborating and making each other look amazing.

"Communicate Confidently"

Actively listen by paying attention to words and actions while using an empathetic approach to ingesting and processing information, and then be fully present in the moment when you respond.

"No Mistakes, Only Learning"

From every "mistake", we learn and grow. Improv helps us to develop a growth mindset. We learn how to take calculated risks while not being deterred by unexpected or difficult situations, but live in the moment and push through obstacles.

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Team Building +

All of our workshops include a team-building component because improv is a team sport

While developing stronger teams, we provide various programs for innovators to develop the skills necessary for success in entrepreneurship & communication.

You will learn the Lean Startup model, improve creative decision-making, or improve your active listening and presentation skills. Our exercises will even help you build new bonds and take your new skills to your classroom, workplace, and life.

Read more on Our Programs to see how your group will be different after each program.

“This was a great, low-stress experience that strengthened my listening and creative skills by playing games instead of the traditional lecture formats. We learned more about each other and that made us more comfortable and friendly.”

- Paul, college student

“Nathan’s workshop was great for my group of undergraduate students. The workshop taught them great communication skills, but more importantly, allowed them to think about why we interact with others the way that we do. They learned that our actions and language influence the way that we respond to others, and the way they respond to us. They also had a great time!

- Kaitlin Flintroy
Former Program Coordinator at the Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship at Ohio State University

“The workshop pushed me to be out of my comfort zone but still in a controlled environment, and the activities we performed were very relevant to the final project we will be working on as a team.”


“Working with Green Light Improv was a win win and a yes and! GLI provided our diverse high school students an opportunity to move, engage and think waaaay outside the box. Green Light worked closely with us to prepare and align their expertise with our program goals and fluidly integrated our learning outcomes! Their unique and engaging experience elevated our program, helped our high school students craft innovative thinking and explore relationships with others to grow their own thinking. We laughed and had fun getting out of our comfort zones! I look forward to having them back again next year!”

- Andrea Summers
Former Program Manager for the Central Ohio Leadership Academy

“Green Light Improv provided us with a very unique opportunity to develop and harness a wide range of our communication skills in 90 minutes. Their facilitators make it a great place to learn, think, and enjoy doing something new! At D3 we wanted to give our members and all students at OSU a hands-on, interactive experience that helps with learning about your verbal presentation skills. Green Light Improv tailored the workshop exactly to our needs. From teamwork to listening skills, Green Light Improv can give you a completely new perspective on skills that are commonly overlooked.

- Tsubasa Konishi
Former President of D3 Startup Club at Ohio State University

Improv as a Tool for Innovators

Developing innovators' entrepreneurship & communication skills.