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Facilitator Guide: Built for Educators

Becoming Adaptable & the Power of “Yes And”


Discover the transformative power of improv comedy in the professional sphere with our DIY guide, “Becoming Adaptable & the Power of ‘Yes And'”. This guide is your key to unlocking a world of enhanced adaptability, communication, and collaboration within your team.

Packed with interactive workshops designed by industry professionals, our guide emphasizes the spontaneity, adaptability, and teamwork inherent to improv. Learn to ideate like an improv artist, embrace change with resilience, and create a culture where every voice matters.

Whether you’re looking to enhance entrepreneurial thinking, foster resilience, or unleash creative potential, this guide offers you the tools to do so on your own terms. Start your journey to a dynamic, collaborative, and adaptable group with our DIY guide. The stage is yours!

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11 Exercises (4 Hours Total)

4 hours of impactful, yet easy to facilitate improv-based exercises. Designed to develop entrepreneurial thinking skills.

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Live facilitator training with Green Light Improv founder & professional facilitator, Nathan Minns.

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No! Everything you’ll need is covered in the facilitator guide. We assume that you have no knowledge of improv comedy.

It would have been much easier if we just threw together 11 exercises. But we didn’t.

We have extensively tested every exercise in this facilitator guide during our Facilitator-led workshops, and continue to use them.

At the end of (almost) every workshop, we ask every participant to give us feedback on their experience and we use their feedback to improve our workshops.

This guide is the result of years of workshop facilitation.

Improv, short for improvisation, is a form of live theatre where performers create scenes and characters on the spot, without a script. It’s actors making up a scene on the fly.

Applied improv takes the principles of improv – concepts like collaboration, listening, and taking risks – and applies them to real-world scenarios like team building, leadership development, and communication training.

This guide is your go-to tool for tapping into the power of applied improv. We’ve designed it to help you bring these dynamic principles right into your world, making your environment more lively, responsive, and team-oriented.

We’re thrilled to offer you this guide, designed to empower students by honing their adaptability, innovation, communication, and collaboration skills through the arts. Our mission with this guide is to make high-quality educational resources accessible to all.

However, we want to make something clear: while this guide is a valuable tool, it’s not a substitute for a live session with our founder, Nathan Minns. As a professional facilitator, speaker, and 3x entrepreneur, Nathan has been recognized in prestigious publications like Authority Magazine, Inc. Magazine, TEDx, and various others. Nathan’s sessions are characterized by unparalleled energy, dynamism, and impact that can’t be fully captured in a guide.

This guide is an excellent starting point and a cost-effective alternative to live facilitation, but we encourage you to consider the added value of experiencing Nathan’s expertise in person. If you’re interested in bringing Nathan’s electrifying presence to your group, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly at

Your purchase of this guide marks the beginning of our relationship, and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this journey with you. We offer a range of services tailored to various needs, all of which you can explore here. Thank you for your support and for your commitment to enhancing the educational experience of your students. We’re here to help along the way.

We use improv comedy because improv is a very effective method to teaching adaptability skills to students (research). 

Supercharge Communication
Improv isn’t just for comedy, it’s the skill of unscripted conversation. We use improv techniques to elevate active listening, presentation skills, and foster confident communication.

Catalyze Collaboration
Improvisers work harmoniously without any props or scripts, relying solely on each other. This philosophy can turn your group into a cohesive, trust-filled team.

Become Adaptable
Adapting to change and reacting in high-stress situations is crucial. Through improv, we teach your team to be nimble, intuitive decision-makers.

We believe that students learn best by doing, and thus, our workshop designs are interactive and engaging.


This guide is built for educators who are looking to make their students more adaptable to succeed in the real world. Whether you teach in high school, college, or for another group that needs adaptable communication & collaboration, this guide is for you. 

If you don’t teach in one of those programs, you can adjust the language to be age-specific, and discuss how to best adjust the program with Green Light Improv founder, Nathan Minns.

Applied improvisation is a technique that uses ideas from improvisational comedy in everyday life. It has become more popular since the 1990s and is now used in many fields, like business, education, government, healthcare, and community building. The goal of applied improvisation is to help people be more creative, work better with others, and think quickly.

This guide is filled with exercises designed to help students develop skills like active listening, empathy, adaptability, and risk-taking. By using games and activities that are fun and engaging, we help students learn important skills that they can use in their personal and professional lives.

These exercises are designed to be fun and easy to follow and will help you practice important skills like entrepreneurial thinking, active listening, thinking on your feet, and working collaboratively with others. The goal is to help students become better innovators, communicators, and team members, while also having fun and enjoying themselves in the process.

We’ve crafted this guide with flexibility in mind, so you can utilize it to support a wide array of educational goals. Here are some key applications:

Preparation for Presentations: Use these exercises as a warm-up before a crucial pitch or class presentation. It’s a great way to loosen up, build confidence, and sharpen communication skills.
Kickstarting a Program: Launch your program on a high note by using our exercises to foster camaraderie among students. These activities can help break down barriers and create a comfortable, inclusive learning environment.
Introducing Key Concepts: Our exercises are an engaging way to introduce topics like entrepreneurship, adaptability, and communication.
Reinforcing Learning: After diving into theoretical concepts, use our exercises to deepen students’ understanding through interactive exercises.
Injecting Fun into Learning: Use our exercises to add an element of playfulness, boosting engagement and retention.
Exploring Cultural Communication: Use our exercises to highlight differences in communication styles across cultures. It’s an interactive way to promote cross-cultural understanding and respect.
Promoting Diversity of Thought: Use our exercises to encourage students to value varied opinions and perspectives.

Feel free to adapt these exercises to suit your specific needs. This guide is your key to creating unforgettable, dynamic learning experiences.

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Download a preview of our guide to have a better understanding of what’s included in the guide!

Our Clients Love Us

My main takeaway from the workshop was understanding the significance of telling a story with enthusiasm, which was an eye-opener for me as a reserved, shy, and serious person. I thoroughly enjoyed learning storytelling techniques, as well as the “Yes, and” and “Yes, but” lessons, which were effectively taught through partner activities. The only challenging aspect for me was being in front of people due to my shyness; however, it also proved to be a slightly liberating experience in a thrilling yet nerve-wracking way.

– Master’s student in the “Entrepreneurship and the Business Plan” course at Ohio State University

“I learned to be more open-minded and to make an effort to think more positively rather than immediately negative, especially in a work setting! My favorite part was how quickly the whole group was able to become comfortable and open with each other in situations that felt stressful or unprecedented.”


I’m taking away that listening leads to better outcomes in everything. These were thought-provoking exercises. All the teams I work with will be hearing about this.

Licensed Social Worker

Continuing Education Workshop Participant at Ohio State University's College of Social Work.