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Public Events

Usually, an existing group will bring us in to support their group, but we do have some public events.

These events are usually not like our typical workshops. 

These workshops are usually pure improv, not our core offering.

Here's the Gist

No improv experience is required & all experience levels are welcome.

Together we’ll make up scenes in the moment in a supportive environment, with a coach right there the entire time. Improv is fun, and it can also be applied to other areas of your life, like increased confidence, creativity, communication skills, and even happiness, which is our main offering.

Here’s how these workshops will go:
1. We’ll start out with group exercises to get everyone comfortable with each other, and we’ll do some warm-ups.
2. We’ll do some scenes and exercises to improve our improv in real-time. We’ll have live coaching to help you get better, and we’ll give you individual attention.

You’ll get to meet some others in Columbus, and have fun doing improv together.

Don’t want to pay now? Register on Meetup and pay when you arrive!

Events are limited to 20 participants. Come and have fun!

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