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Through Improv Comedy Principles, we're

Helping Students Embrace New Ideas, Experiences, and Connections.

Keynotes, workshops, & coaching – experiences your students WANT to participate in.

"This is the most engaged I've seen my students since we started working together 4 years ago"

Program Administrator, on Green Light Improv workshops

Common Uses

Launch your program or year on a high note by using our experiences to foster camaraderie among students. These activities can help break down barriers and create a comfortable, inclusive, open-minded learning environment.

Everything we do is high-energy. In addition to key learnings and takeaways for the participants, we add an element of playfulness, boosting engagement and retention.

We often customize programs to encourage students to value varied opinions and perspectives, including their own.

Our exercises are an engaging way to introduce topics like entrepreneurship, collaboration, adaptability, and communication.

After diving into theoretical concepts, use our experiences to deepen students’ understanding through interactive exercises.

Our experiences are a great way to loosen up, build confidence, and sharpen communication skills.

With our programs, we've impacted thousands of people from organizations such as...

Plus the 50,000+ students from Nathan Minns' Online Courses!

Supercharge Communication

Improv isn’t just for comedy, it’s the skill of unscripted conversation. We use improv techniques to elevate active listening, presentation skills, and foster confident communication.

Catalyze Collaboration

Improvisers work harmoniously without any props or scripts, relying solely on each other. This philosophy can turn your student group into a cohesive, trust-filled team.

Become Adaptable

Becoming flexible, embracing change, and reacting in high-stress situations are crucial. Through improv, we teach your students to be nimble, intuitive decision-makers.

Improv was not as scary and anxiety-inducing as it seems. Improv is a good way to break the ice between individuals and a way for individuals to get to know each other in a fun way. Nathan was great!


Participant from Pickerington Public Library

During the workshop, my primary takeaway was to embrace the fun, let go of shyness, and incorporate storytelling into my pitches. I also learned the value of adopting the “Yes, and” approach in my daily interactions. Among the aspects I enjoyed the most were the positive “Yes, and” technique and the delightful experience of sharing laughter with all the other participants.

– Master’s Student in the “Entrepreneurship and the Business Plan” course at Ohio State University

I absolutely loved this workshop! I had so much fun and had never made the connection of how we can use improv in a professional setting. Main takeaway is the importance of going with the flow, and having a “yes and” mentality. Especially in group projects, one has to lean in on the team. The show must go on, and if a mistake happens, one needs to be quick on their feet and play along with it.”


I learned to be conscious of the “Yes, But’s” and how they can hurt someone’s excitement and energy! I enjoyed the activities and tying them back to our work.

Human Resources Trainer at Columbus State Community College

Participant from the Ohio Career Development Association Conference.

The keynote was valuable, engaging, & actionable. I enjoyed the presentation and the humor.

Keynote Attendee

At the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (MASEA) Conference in Chicago.

“The workshop is a unique opportunity to get people to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It provides great team building while at the same time helpful tools to use on a day-to-day basis.

I learned I could be more vulnerable in conversation with peers, and to be more engaging during business matters, especially when leading meetings and encouraging others to become passionate about an idea or cause.”


Embrace new ideas, experiences, & connections

Through the principles of improv comedy