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I'm Nathan, founder of Green Light Improv.

I’ve been acting professionally since 2015, and since I’ve grown and developed as an actor, I’ve seen another dramatic change in myself. I’m a more open and confident communicator. I’m a better listener and entrepreneur. I’m better at navigating change. I’ve developed more of a growth mindset and more. So can you.

Our programs were created to give you the day-to-day benefit of years of performance, in a condensed and captivating program.

Here's the Story

After I saw my first improv show in 2016 I knew improv was something I wanted to do myself.

So I auditioned for two groups, and I had a blast. It was as fun as I expected, but there was one problem…

I was a terrible improviser

I didn’t get into either of the two groups. I knew I needed to improve, so I started taking improv classes on the side, and then I auditioned again, and I didn’t get in.

I auditioned 7 times

In total, I auditioned 7 different times, and after a variety of classes, I finally improved enough to get into a group.

I learned something...

These 7 auditions taught me a couple of things.

First, improv is a learnable skill. Improv didn’t come easily to me, all I needed was someone to help me unlock that ability within myself.

Second, I realized that these skills I was learning in improv class started to permeate through the rest of my life. I became a better communicator, a better entrepreneur, a better team member, and overall just a little happier.

Reading Research

Then I started to read studies on the topic and I found that “Improv’s effect on X” is a well-researched topic.

According to a variety of studies, improv can have a real effect on group collaboration, group spontaneity, and idea generation, and it’s even used by some practitioners as a partial treatment for a variety of disorders.

You don't want to be a performer?

We recognize that you likely don’t want to become a performer, but you likely want the skills that years of performing improv comedy can give you, so these exercises target those exact skills, without giving you all of the fluff that you might get if you took a standard improv class built for performers. Each exercise we do has a reason to be there, and it is to teach some skill with some learning outcome.

Our workshops use improv as a tool

At Green Light Improv, we lead improv-based workshops to enhance important life and work skills: entrepreneurshipcommunication, creativity, resilience, and team building. What we do is inspired by improv comedy, but we’re not going to ask you to stand in front of the group and entertain us for an hour. We use improv as a tool to bring us closer to our goals.

Want to produce the same skills in your students or team?

Outside of Improv...

I’m an actor & 3X entrepreneur, based in Columbus Ohio.

Much of my non-acting professional experience before Green Light Improv was as a product manager in startups & corporations and as a web designer in the no-code web design space.

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Improv as a Tool for Innovators

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