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5 Minutes a Day, for 5 Days

Discover Your Confidence with the Green Light Game

Develop your presentation skills, discover your unique voice, and learn to adapt on the fly in our fast-paced game, already played by thousands.

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How It Works

After you sign up, you'll receive an email from me everyday for the next 5 days. Here's how the game works.

1. Prepare to Play the Game

Choose a business name based on words given to you in the course.

2. Play the Game for 5 Minutes Each Day

With you chosen words, quickly pitch your new product to an imaginary audience and record it.

3. Face the Wild Card

Answer a surprise question related to your pitch, adapting your idea on the fly.

4. Grow and Improve

Record, review, and refine your presentations daily. Witness your progress, gain confidence speaking in front of groups, and enhance your creativity.

Plus, get customized feedback at the end of the 5 day game.