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New Exercise For Your Group: Last Word Spoken

This exercise gives us the freedom to be in the moment, and be truly collaborative when we're conversing with our coworkers.

Today, we’re sharing an exciting improvisation-based activity that’s not only fun, but also a powerful tool to enhance communication dynamics: the “Last Word Spoken” exercise. This exercise, taking just around 10 minutes, could be your next go-to activity for team building or classroom engagement.


  1. Split your group into pairs.
  2. Encourage the pairs to start a conversation. The only rule is that each person has to begin their sentence with the last word spoken by their scene partner.

This may feel a little unusual at first. However, this structure encourages participants to slow down, lending their full attention to what their partner is saying. As a result, the exercise ensures a high level of focus and truly active listening.


The “Last Word Spoken” exercise offers more than just a break from routine or a fun interaction. It provides a learning experience that teaches us the importance of active listening. The game serves as a reminder that communication isn’t just about speaking our minds but also about taking in what our conversation partner says – the entire time they’re talking.

In our usual conversations, we often tend to predict where the other person is going with their thoughts and start planning our response while they’re still speaking. This exercise breaks that habit. By compelling us to start our sentence with the last word spoken by our partner, we have no choice but to listen to their full statement. This cultivates an authentic exchange of ideas and promotes truly collaborative conversations.

This exercise invites us to be present in the moment, ensuring a genuine connection with our fellow participants. Implementing this level of attentiveness in our regular meetings or classroom discussions could be transformative: leading to more meaningful conversations, enhanced collaboration, and a stronger sense of connection among the group.

How did it go for you? Share your feedback with Nathan at and he’ll reply with additional tips for your group.

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