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Embracing Change & the Power of “Yes And”

Strategic Decisions. Collaborative Culture. Continuous Experimentation.

Step into a world where ideas are celebrated, change is embraced, and adaptability is second nature. “Embracing Change & the Power of ‘Yes And'” takes you on a journey through the exhilarating world of improv comedy, transforming the way your group communicates, collaborates, and innovates.

Imagine a space where ideas flow freely from even the quietest members of your team, and new information is not just accepted, but actively sought. Picture a team that values and respects each individual’s contributions, fostering a collaborative culture where everyone’s voice matters. Now, imagine being able to adapt on the fly, adjusting strategies based on new insights and information. Sound impossible? It’s not.

It’s the world of improv, and it’s a world that can revolutionize the way your team works.

In this unique and engaging program, you’ll learn how to apply the principles and techniques of improv comedy to your professional life. You’ll discover how to be more open to new information, be more accepting of others’ ideas, and develop a knack for adaptability. But that’s not all. You’ll also learn an iterative process derived from improv comedy that can be applied to any challenge or project, making innovation not just achievable, but intuitive and natural.

This program culminates in exercises emphasizing the Build, Measure, Learn cycle, a dynamic method employed by both improvisers and creatives. This cycle promotes rapid prototyping, stakeholder feedback, and data-driven adjustments, all of which encourage innovative solutions and growth.

Ready to step into the adaptable world of improv? To unlock the potential in your team and pave the way for easy innovation? Don’t wait. The journey to an innovative, collaborative, and adaptable team starts here.

Participants will learn to:
– be more comfortable with change
– provide structure in uncertain situations
– ideate more effectively, just like improvisers do on stage
– tackle problems as a team
– leverage feedback and co-create with customers & colleagues
– push boundaries while respecting individual abilities

This program is often used for:
– enhancing team collaboration
– improving entrepreneurial and divergent thinking ability
– learning the design thinking process
– developing resiliency to push through obstacles with the team
– allowing participants to access their most creative selves

Also available as a 1-hour, improv-inspired keynote.
Also offered virtually.

“You’re more than a certified funny person, you’re a life changer.”

Janeen Hampton

– Janeen Hampton

Continuing Education Workshop Participant at Ohio State University's College of Social Work.

I was able to talk and present openly way more than I previously knew I was capable of. It is a really enriching opportunity, regardless of the industry you are in.

The Second-year Transformational Experience Program (STEP) Student at Ohio State University

“Nathan brought an energy to our event that was palpable. We would not have had the success we did without Nathan’s ability to garner excitement among our participants.”


Embrace new ideas, experiences, & connections

Through the principles of improv comedy