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Pure Team Building

Designed for new or existing groups, participants will deepen their connections, embrace collaboration, and explore the 4 key principles of improv comedy:

  1. “Yes, and…”: Cultivate a positive, “can-do” attitude by being present in the moment and using your perspective to create win-win situations for the team. Learn to make informed decisions through this empowering framework.
  2. “Team Over Self”: Experience the magic of collaborative creativity as we emphasize teamwork and reciprocal support, working together to achieve what would be impossible individually.
  3. “Communicate Confidently”: Master the art of active listening, using empathy to process information, and being fully present when responding, paving the way for clear and effective communication.
  4. “No Mistakes, Only Learning”: Embrace a growth mindset, as improv teaches us to learn from every experience, take calculated risks, and overcome obstacles with resilience and adaptability.


Participants will learn to:
– celebrate the things that make us human
– develop a growth mindset
– create reciprocal support by collaborating
– make each other look amazing
– build trust among their team

This program is often used for:
– groups or teams who need to collaborate more effectively
– high school or college, faculty-run & cohort-based programs
– bonding interns to work more effectively together

Also offered virtually.

I took away the importance of flexibility. I feel more connected to my fellow participants & I found the workshop to be engaging, valuable, & actionable. The presenter was knowledgeable too.

Associate Professor at Monmouth University

Participant from the Ohio Career Development Association Conference.

“The workshop made everyone happy. I liked the skit the most.”

High School Student at Reynoldsburg City Schools

Participant in our workshop with the Educational Partnership for Social, Emotional & Academics (EPSEA).

“Nathan handled the whole process like a pro. He worked incredibly hard to make sure he had a deep understanding of the event and it showed in his confident and seamless performance through the weekend.”


Embrace new ideas, experiences, & connections

Through the principles of improv comedy