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Communicate Like An Improviser

Fully Listen, then Respond to Communicate Confidently.

All non-scripted communication is improv. We facilitate exercises that allow participants to isolate, practice, and improve their communication skills, ultimately focusing on the 3 steps to communicate like an improviser.

First, we’ll dive into the art of actively listening without a specific agenda, enabling a profound understanding of others. Then, we’ll empower participants to embrace a brief pause before responding fully in the moment.

Drawing from the techniques of improv, we embrace the principle of “Yes, And…” to foster open-minded conversations, suspend judgment, and unlock meaningful dialogue. Participants develop a shared language and understanding, while ideas flow effortlessly and all participants feel truly heard.

Participants will learn to:
– use the 3 steps to communicate like an improviser
– use the principle of “Yes, And…” to suspend judgment in conversation
– listen fully to the person they’re talking to
– be fully present while speaking with their conversation partner
– communicate better as a team

This program is often used for:
– transforming communication skills in an engaging and interactive environment
– sharpening active listening skills to foster a deep understanding of others’ perspectives

Also available as a 1-hour, improv-inspired keynote.
Also offered virtually.

“Sneaky learning while having fun. The “No, But…, Yes, And…” exercise was particularly insightful. I had an idea this would be cheesy – and my Cheese-O-Meter is always on alert – but you were fun AND educational, even with a diverse group of ages & job titles! Five stars!!


I learned all ideas are important and deserve to be listened to. How we communicate can either lift someone up or put someone down. We may not always agree with others, but they deserve our respect and consideration.

It is very fun. It will give your team members the chance to interact and be silly, while utilizing skills that are necessary every day.


“I liked the hands-on nature of the workshop, and the coaching throughout.”

Mark, Participant at Green Light Improv Workshops

Embrace new ideas, experiences, & connections

Through the principles of improv comedy