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Creatively Ideate and Overcome Obstacles with Improv

Team Building + Creativity & Resilience

As a group, we can do anything. This workshop focuses on three major tenants:

Team Building: Like all of our workshops, we have a focus on team building and fun
Creativity: We focus on enhancing creative thinking skills and ideating in high-stakes environments, just like improvisers do on stage
Resilience: While leaning on their team, participants will learn to overcome obstacles

Participants will learn to:
– be more comfortable with change
– thrive in ambiguity
– think outside the box
– tackle problems together
– ideate more effectively, just like improvisers do on stage (learn more)
– stretch themselves as far as they can, while understanding we all have different ability levels

This program is often used for:
– improving entrepreneurial or divergent thinking ability
– developing more resiliency and formidable mental health
– allowing participants to access their most creative selves

Also available as a 1-hour, improv-inspired keynote.
Also offered virtually.

Improv as a Tool for Innovators

Developing innovators' entrepreneurship & communication skills.