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Fully Listen and Respond

Communicate Like An Improviser

All non-scripted communication is improv. We facilitate exercises that allow participants to isolate, practice, and improve their communication skills, ultimately focusing on the 3 steps to listen like an improviser.

First, we listen, while not listening for anything in particular. Then we pause for a moment before we respond fully in the moment. 

As improvisers, we must develop our active listening skills because on stage, we create stories in the moment, as a group. We use the same principles to develop your group’s active listening skills.

Participants will learn to:
– listen to themselves in order to understand others better
– use the principle of “Yes, And…” to suspend judgment in conversation
– listen fully to the person they’re talking to
– be fully present while speaking with their conversation partner
– communicate better as a team

This program is often used for:
– improving communication skills in a fun environment
– improving active listening skills in a fun environment

Also available as a 1-hour, improv-inspired keynote.
Also offered virtually.

Improv as a Tool for Innovators

Developing innovators' entrepreneurship & communication skills.