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Learn The Lean Startup Through Improv

Entrepreneurship Education

Universities and corporations worldwide teach The Lean Startup as an effective method of creating startups. In this workshop, we facilitate exercises for participants to learn The Lean Startup process through fun, interactive, and effective improv-inspired exercises. 

On stage, as improvisers, we use the build, measure, learn cycle the same way that entrepreneurs do.

We build by creating something based on a hypothesis of what is funny.
We measure the response from our audience (our customers).
Finally, we learn, double down on what is working, and repeat the cycle. 

Ready to use improv to teach The Lean Startup as a process to create new ventures? Let’s Talk!

Participants will learn to:
– use the build, measure, learn cycle to improve their entrepreneurial process
– give structure to ambiguity
– value the importance of talking to customers
– tackle problems as a team
– ideate based on customer feedback
– co-create with customers

This program is often used for:
– university-level entrepreneurship programs
– improving entrepreneurial abilities
– teaching the basics of the startup process

Also available as a 1-hour, improv-inspired keynote.
Also offered virtually.

Embrace new ideas, experiences, & connections

Through the principles of improv comedy