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Develop Adaptable Communication with the Green Light Game


Unleash your team’s confidence with the Green Light Game, a game designed to enhance presentation skills, unique voice discovery, and on-the-fly adaptability within your group.

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Comprising 60 cards with adjectives, nouns, and unexpected wildcard questions, the Green Light Game promises a fresh and engaging experience every session.

Bring the Green Light Game to your classroom or boardroom, and watch as ideas flourish, creativity soars, and adaptability becomes second nature.

With thousands already embracing the fast-paced challenges, this game is not only a tool for growth but a source of fun and connection.

For classroom or team-building settings

How To Play

This game was built to be easy to facilitate for you, a person who guides groups to success. Here's how the game works.

Form Teams
Divide the participants into groups of 4-6 people.
Generate Ideas
Hand out 1 Random Adjective Card & 1 Random Noun Card to each team, which will form the basis for their product pitches.
Prepare Pitches
Give teams 60 seconds to craft their pitch, simulating real-world time constraints and fostering confidence and communication skills.
Present Pitches
Go around the room, having the teams present their ideas, incorporating quick thinking and adaptability. Ask that all members of the team speak.
Wild Card Questions
At the end of each pitch, pose a wildcard question to the team, challenging them to incorporate the question into their pitch and encouraging improvisation.

"How Else Can I Use This Game?"

Of course! To make the game easier, give more time to develop the pitch.

To make the game harder, switch words during the preparation too. While the teams are preparing pitches, engage each group with an unexpected twist by stating, “It’s not about how things change, but how we recover when we encounter setbacks.” Then, swap their adjective and noun cards with new ones, challenging them to adapt and keep moving forward.

We LOVE how self-motivated you are. Of course, you can play alone.

For individual skill building, draw cards and prepare a pitch for 30 seconds. Present it while recording yourself to add pressure, then pick up a wild card question and weave it into your pitch to hone improvisation & adaptability.

Of course!

Split the group into three teams, with two teams independently pitching a product formed from randomly chosen adjective and noun cards. The third team judges the pitches on fun and feasibility, awarding one point to the best pitch. Rotate roles, continuing this process until a team earns 7 points, declaring them the winner of the Green Light Game.

Educational Applications and Outcomes

The Green Light Game is designed to boost essential skills. It enhances clear communication, fosters teamwork, sparks creative thinking, and builds resilience in the face of challenges. Plus, it’s a fun way to gain confidence in presenting ideas to others. It’s not just a game; it’s a tool for growth.

Develop Adaptable Communication

with the Green Light Game