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Remember your work can be fun & a Photo Op with Miley Cyrus

Remember your work can be fun. It's the difference between: ❌ "I HAVE to do this." ✅ "I GET to do this."

Remember your work can be fun.

It’s the difference between:

❌ “I HAVE to do this.”
✅ “I GET to do this.”

How you show up is a choice.

You might just GET to have a photo op with Miley.

“You’re throwing your career away”

When I started Green Light Improv, everyone told me I was making a huge mistake.

“Define Success for Yourself”

Success looks different in different contexts. Define it for yourself so you know when you have a big win.

“How did you start Green Light?”

It started with me being terrible at improv.

Can I tell you a secret?

We’re currently running tests for a new secret product we’re developing. It’s fun and interactive, and we’re recruiting testers.
Just email me at to get involved for free.

Now, do the world a favor and continue to bring your 10/10 FANTASTIC energy moving forward. 

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Learn Through Experience

Over the last ~month, we’ve made some changes around here. We enjoyed crafting a game that’s already played by many, and the response has been amazing! Plus, we

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