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“This is the most engaged I’ve seen my students since we started working together 4 years ago”

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“This was a great, low-stress experience that strengthened my listening and creative skills by playing games instead of the traditional lecture formats. We learned more about each other and that made us more comfortable and friendly.”

- Paul, college student

“Nathan’s workshop was great for my group of undergraduate students. The workshop taught them great communication skills, but more importantly, allowed them to think about why we interact with others the way that we do. They learned that our actions and language influence the way that we respond to others, and the way they respond to us. They also had a great time!

- Kaitlin Flintroy
Former Program Coordinator at the Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship at Ohio State University

I realized in your workshop that all ideas are important and deserve to be listened to. Our communication style can either lift someone up or put them down. We may not always agree with others, but they deserve our respect and consideration.”

- High School Student

“Working with Green Light Improv was a win win and a yes and! GLI provided our diverse high school students an opportunity to move, engage and think waaaay outside the box. Green Light worked closely with us to prepare and align their expertise with our program goals and fluidly integrated our learning outcomes! Their unique and engaging experience elevated our program, helped our high school students craft innovative thinking and explore relationships with others to grow their own thinking. We laughed and had fun getting out of our comfort zones! I look forward to having them back again next year!”

- Andrea Summers
Former Program Manager for the Central Ohio Leadership Academy

“Green Light Improv provided us with a very unique opportunity to develop and harness a wide range of our communication skills in 90 minutes. Their facilitators make it a great place to learn, think, and enjoy doing something new! At D3 we wanted to give our members and all students at OSU a hands-on, interactive experience that helps with learning about your verbal presentation skills. Green Light Improv tailored the workshop exactly to our needs. From teamwork to listening skills, Green Light Improv can give you a completely new perspective on skills that are commonly overlooked.

- Tsubasa Konishi
Former President of D3 Startup Club

“This activity was really enjoyable, and surprisingly so. When I first heard improv, I got really nervous, but the program was warm and not overwhelming. Thanks!”

- High School student
“I started to familiarize myself with new ways to introduce and talk to people I’ve never talked before. It helped me build confidence around new situations with new people as well.”
- Katherine Schiereck, former college student
“Don’t be afraid of looking or sounding awkward when presenting to a large group and understand that while others may not envision the same end goal as you, everyone’s unique contributions can lead to something greater.
- Nic, College student

“Nathan handled the whole process like a pro. He worked incredibly hard to make sure he had a deep understanding of the event and it showed in his confident and seamless performance through the weekend.”

- Will Turon, Former Director of LaunchpadOSU

“Working with Nathan was absolutely great! Incredibly professional, prepared, and flexible throughout the entire event. His experience in entrepreneurship provided a ton of value to the event and participants.”

- College Program Administrator

“Nathan is very organized and delivers speech in an efficient, yet engaging way. His radiant enthusiasm alone demonstrates his strong work ethic, let alone his passion in the craft of public speaking.”

- Peter Kobs, College Program Administrator

“Nathan was very energetic and spoke in a very casual way while remaining professional. He was very prepared, made it personal, and made the audience feel comfortable.”

- Anonymous

“Nathan brought an energy to our event that was palpable. We would not have had the success we did without Nathan’s ability to garner excitement among our participants.”

- Alex Davessar, College Program Administrator

“One thing that I loved about Green Light Improv workshops is that Nathan is an authentic and dynamic leader, and made others who had never acted before feel comfortable.

It was funny, it allowed me to know my peers better, and even challenged me by working with a partner to carry out a scene. You get to know those around you through something other than your typical icebreaker, and you are also working on developing skills such as thinking on your feet, adapting, confidence, and the art of acting. Highly recommended!”

- Garland Bix, Student at Marysville High School & alumni of the Central Ohio Leadership Academy

“The workshop is a unique opportunity to get people to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It provides great team building while at the same time helpful tools to use on a day-to-day basis.

I learned I could be more vulnerable in conversation with peers, and to be more engaging during business matters, especially when leading meetings and encouraging others to become passionate about an idea or cause.”

- Member of Ohio State University's Honors Cohort Program

“Nathan does a remarkable job of taking something fun like improv and facilitating a captivating session to deliver key learnings while having a lot of fun. The energy and enthusiasm were electric throughout the session.  I would highly recommend him for your next team building event!”

- Ty Shepfer, Director of Ohio State University's Honors Cohort Program

“Teamwork is about being able to trust and rely on your team.

Our session was fun and interactive without having an atmosphere of pressure. I also appreciated the attention to making sure EVERYONE could participate comfortably. “

- Employee From Pickerington Public Library

I absolutely loved this workshop! I had so much fun and had never made the connection of how we can use improv in a professional setting. Main takeaway is the importance of going with the flow, and having a “yes and” mentality. Especially in group projects, one has to lean in on the team. The show must go on, and if a mistake happens, one needs to be quick on their feet and play along with it.”

- Claudia Hollander, Member of Ohio State University's Honors Cohort Program

“He challenged us to bounce back and pivot when results don’t go our way.

I highly recommend this to anyone that has issues with your team engaging in meetings, or if you feel like your staff is bringing low energy to work. Make sure the supervisor is in the activity as well, so that It breaks down the “us vs them” mental barriers. It’s a fun way to overcome communication hiccups.

- Sarah Varughese, Creative Visibility Coach & Author & Participated at a workshop at Innovate New Albany

“The workshop pushed me to be out of my comfort zone but still in a controlled environment, and the activities we performed were very relevant to the final project we will be working on as a team.

Nathan is also an energetic person that gives clear instruction.”

- Master of Human Resource Management Candidate in the Fisher College of Business

“Nathan created a very comfortable and fun environment. No one was singled out and all the activities were accessible for all ages and comfort levels.

- Jared Vanderbeck, Gahanna Worship Arts Director at New Life Church

“Sneaky learning while having fun. The “No, But…, Yes, And…” exercise was particularly insightful. I had an idea this would be cheesy – and my Cheese-O-Meter is always on alert – but you were fun AND educational, even with a diverse group of ages & job titles! Five stars!!

- Cindy Schmidt, Director of Missions and Outreach at New Life Church

“The improv activities were a great way for library staff to get to know each other during our professional development day. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

- Dana Folkerts, Youth Services Manager, Pickerington Public Library

I learned all ideas are important and deserve to be listened to. How we communicate can either lift someone up or put someone down. We may not always agree with others, but they deserve our respect and consideration.

It is very fun. It will give your team members the chance to interact and be silly, while utilizing skills that are necessary every day.

- Marah Robinson, ZipZag Rides USA

Incubator and accelerator program professionals, you NEED to look into this company for your up-and-coming founders.

It’s called Green Light Improv

It is the most amazing way to prepare and teach founders how to pitch their concepts in a concise and profound way.

This program is 💯 mind-blowing 🤯

- Anne Gottwald, Founder in the President’s Buckeye Accelerator Boost Camp

“I’m taking away that I can trust myself and my team to work as a collective to problem-solve and think on the spot and to focus more on listening rather than thinking of what I’m going to say next.

- Employee on the Communications Team at the City of Dublin, Ohio, USA

“I really enjoyed each exercise, especially the one where we had to pitch our inventions to one another. I think you made the environment feel very safe, which allowed us to open up and feel comfortable very quickly.”

- Employee on the Communications Team at the City of Dublin, Ohio, USA

“This was a fun way to get my brain firing, reduce anxiety about unpredictable situations and improve quick thinking and communication skills.”

- Employee on the Communications Team at the City of Dublin, Ohio, USA

After participating in Green Light Improv’s workshop, I feel better about my approach to my first presentation.

My favorite part was when Nathan Minns clarified the importance of knowing you will forget info and that it’s important to carry on the “YES AND” mentality, which has been helping me feel confident leading into my presentation.

- Edriss Ndiaye, Student Founder in the President's Buckeye Accelerator Boost Camp

The activities were incredibly valuable and they gave me a better mindset going into, and throughout, the weekend. Almost a week later and I’m still thinking about the activities we did during the workshop.

It was outstanding, and I would love to see it back again next year 🙂

On Saturday, I got overwhelmed and frustrated. I thought back on the “Yes, and…” mindset to get me through some of those mental struggles and keep pushing on rather than giving up.

- Startup Weekend Dayton Participant


- text.

My main takeaway was to be comfortable expressing myself & my personal values around others.

We used the “Yes AND…” mindset the entire weekend to constantly generate new ideas and reach our goals.

- Startup Weekend Dayton Participant

“My main takeaway was to be positive and have an open mind along with not taking everything so seriously. I learned to relax when presenting. The last activity where we got to spontaneously create a company was my favorite.”

- Student in the President’s Buckeye Accelerator Boost camp Program at The Ohio State University

“My main takeaway was to use stories to increase engagement and put energy into my presentation to get energy from the audience.”

- Student in the President’s Buckeye Accelerator Boost camp Program at The Ohio State University

My biggest takeaway was to be comfortable in your own skin. The workshop got me to step out of my comfort zone.

To be honest, this was great and what I needed leading into my first pitch!!!!”

- Student in the President’s Buckeye Accelerator Boost camp Program at The Ohio State University

*Some testimonials were slightly edited for clarity. The original meaning was never changed.

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