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I'm Applied Improv Facilitator…You?

Applied Improv Facilitator at Green Light Improv

We’re looking for another energetic, engaging, and insightful facilitator to lead Green Light Improv workshops.

Green Light Improv exists to cultivate resilience, enhance creativity, and improve communication, all while participants have fun and connect. Thousands of hours of preparation and experience cultivate in the workshop clients see on their workshop date.

After our workshop, our clients’ participants will be more creative, better equipped to handle change & ambiguity, and more effective communicators. They’ll even be a stronger team and have fun in the process. We care about the learnings that come from improv training, rather than teaching teams and students to be world-class improvisers. To us, improv is a tool for change.

About Our Ideal Facilitator

● You have facilitation experience
● You have performance experience
● You have non-performance work experience (business, law, medicine, etc.)
● You have facilitated performance exercises with non-performers before
● You have seen improv’s effect on your own life
● You can facilitate on a contract basis, often, but not always, between 9 AM – 5 PM
● You live in Ohio
● You have created & delivered workshops in the past

Our facilitators deliver high-energy workshops, typically in person, on various topics. View our programs for more information. Green Light Improv Facilitators always maintain the highest energy of anyone in the room and they have the empathy and people skills to help participants feel at ease doing improv comedy for the first time.

To apply, please send your performance and professional resume to Nathan Minns, founder of Green Light Improv, at

Hayden Humphrey

Workshop Facilitator

Hayden is an Uplifter, out to help people craft unscripted lives.

Nathan Minns

Founder & CEO

After working in startups for years as an employee and a 3x founder, Nathan is now spreading the power of improv as the Founder of Green Light Improv.

Lala Dizon

Operations Manager

Lala is an experienced Operations Manager & Administrator.