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I'm Hayden Humphrey

Workshop Facilitator at Green Light Improv

Hayden Humphrey is an Uplifter, out to help people craft unscripted lives.

As a certified professional Coach and Trainer, Hayden empowers people to break up the Script of how life is “supposed” to go, so that they can build lives and careers that are authentic, aligned, and joyful.

Hayden first got involved in improv through the Second City training program while living in Chicago. He immediately fell in love with the art form, both as a means of play, but also eventually as a means of helping people develop skills and push the boundaries of their comfort zones.

Outside of work, you’ll find Hayden reading, spending lots of time outside, or taking trips with his family.

Nathan Minns

Founder & CEO

After working in startups for years as an employee and a 3x founder, Nathan is now spreading the power of improv as the Founder of Green Light Improv.

Lala Dizon

Operations Manager

Lala is an experienced Operations Manager & Administrator.

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