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I'm Joshua Waddle

Workshop Facilitator at Green Light Improv

Josh Waddle is a dynamic and accomplished improv instructor, skilled in engaging a diverse range of audiences and programs.

With a strong background in K-12 education, Josh has been passionate about improv since 2017 and has been teaching it since 2018. His experience spans from leading children’s improv classes for organizations like Wickliffe Elementary School and Big Brothers Big Sisters, to facilitating adult workshops focused on corporate team building and developing aspiring improv performers.

In addition to his work with these groups, Josh has showcased his adaptability as an instructor by facilitating with various other organizations, including Sparkspace, The Academy Irish Dance Studio, and Healthy New Albany.

Josh facilitating applied improv workshops skillfully unites his enthusiasm for both education and improv, resulting in enriching experiences that resonate with participants from various ages and backgrounds.

Josh is a Workshop Facilitator through Green Light Improv’s partnership with Hashtag Comedy.

Jacob Athyal

Workshop Facilitator - West Coast

Experience enjoyable public speaking with Jacob, a seasoned LA actor and improv facilitator.

Hannah Romich

Workshop Facilitator

Experienced in startups, Hannah uses improv to connect with her clients.

Sarah J Storer

Workshop Facilitator

Sarah is a Critical Care Nurse by way of marketing + improvisation.