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I'm Nathan Minns

Founder & CEO at Green Light Improv

Nathan Minns is the founder of Green Light Improv, a professional training company that uses improv comedy as a tool for innovators to develop their entrepreneurship & communication skills.

Beginning as an actor in 2015, Nathan soon realized that his acting training was positively affecting other work skills. From improving his creativity and confidence, to becoming a better communicator, entrepreneur, and team member.

Ultimately, the change he saw in himself led him to create Green Light Improv in 2019. The company doesn’t teach improv comedy, but instead uses improv comedy as a tool to teach other work and life skills.

In 2022, Nathan quit his corporate innovation job and is now working full-time to spread applied improv training. An Ohio State University graduate, Nathan has previously spent most of his career in the startup ecosystem as an employee and a 3x founder.

Hayden Humphrey

Workshop Facilitator

Hayden is an Uplifter, out to help people craft unscripted lives.

Lala Dizon

Operations Manager

Lala is an experienced Operations Manager & Administrator.

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