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The #1 Tip to Avoid a Stressful Workshop

Here's the best way to ensure your improv workshop is stressful: don't inform the participants about the workshop.

Here’s the best way to ensure your improv workshop is stressful: don’t inform the participants about the workshop.

I recently held a workshop where I arrived early to mingle. When I asked one participant if she was ready for improv, she responded with shock and refusal.

I approached the organizer, who admitted they hadn’t informed attendees about the improv session to avoid causing anxiety. But, if they weren’t anxious before, they sure were now.

Our workshops emphasize embracing new experiences and new people. While this can be nerve-wracking for some, they should be aware and prepared for what’s ahead.

It’s crucial to understand that participants have a choice in how involved they get. Many fear being put on the spot or looking silly, but we ensure our sessions are pressure-free and entirely opt-in.

For a successful workshop, always set clear expectations, especially when pushing people slightly out of their comfort zones.

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